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Our stands are made of environment-friendly honeycomb and corrugated cardboard.
We develop our stands on the basis of our customers’ individual preferences and in compliance with the standards. Easy installation of various types of shelf stands, person stands, counter stands and other stands is a great advantage of our products. We know that time is money, that is why we implement our projects as quickly as possible. We support our customers at every stage of the ordering process or we do everything on their behalf. From the concept, through the design, consultation, construction to packing and shipping. Thanks to modern and a very efficient machine, we can fulfil low budget orders as well.


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The rates of cardboard packaging made to individual order are high, since the customer also pays for the creation of an individual mould / die / matrix that will be used to cut the ordered patterns out. That is why the production costs of a dozen cartons can reach irrational levels. Our company has managed to avoid this problem. We operate a modern machine which does not use any moulds, but it cuts specific shapes out directly in environment-friendly honeycomb or corrugated cardboard. Now you do not have to buy thousands of pieces to ensure profitability. We produce flap boxes, lid boxes, decorative packaging, custom packaging, large size and special orders.


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Promotional counters must be characterized by several features – they must be easy to assemble and disassemble, they must be light, aesthetic, durable and take a little space during transport. They are often used for special offer campaigns, tastings or as a small mobile office. We know that counters are often operated just by one person that is why we propose solutions tailored to one’s needs and we offer our experience. Our customers can choose from all the materials available – depending on one’s needs – lightweight and compact cardboard or rigid and durable honeycomb.

Fair stands

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The possibility to shape any elements allows to create complex and interesting structures. A design is generally limited by two things – the customer’s budget and imagination. We do not treat implementation of fair stands only as another order, we derive satisfaction from doing this type of projects and we want to create something special. Both at the stage of designing and constructing we strive to make sure that the structure meets our customer’s needs.


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We make environment friendly furniture of durable cardboard. The furniture is made of several or more layers of durable and environment-friendly honeycomb and it can be as durable as wood. Not only is this a way to take care of the environment, but it is also a good design. You can order ready-made designs of furniture or design your own. For architects and designers it is a great way to see their designs in reality, before the final design is made.


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Technology in the service of aesthetics – thanks to modern and extremely precise machine we are able to prepare various designs with amazing accuracy. We fulfil individual orders of complete decorations or only their elements. The great advantage of cardboard is the fact that the only limitation of the structure and form is imagination. Cardboard products are fully recyclable.

What does the ordering process look like?



The order placed by a customer initiates the process of the product’s preparation. Our customer’s expectations are our design guidelines. Colours, shape, material, size, volume during transport, planned quantity, these are the basic pieces of information necessary to start the next stage.



The basic information is sent to the designer who makes the initial concept and presents it to the customer. At this point the customer presents its comments and approves the design that is going to be made in the trial version.



Computer design goes through the verifying and calculating processes. The constructor checks the planned connections, loads and durability of the entire structure. If necessary, the constructor builds a trial version and amends the design.



The possibility of UV printing, i.e. curing the ink with ultraviolet light, allows us to place high-quality graphics and colours, while maintaining high resistance to destruction.



Lamination is used to give the final look and protect all the surfaces from weather conditions. This process also allows to protect the products against mechanical damage.



Next, we crease, bend and mill the cut-out elements. All components of the structure must fit together perfectly so as not to cause any trouble during use.



At the end the products prepared will be cut out as designed. Thanks to the use of ultramodern machines we are able to provide high quality finishes. The precision of individual elements’ workmanship results in ease of assembly and durability of the entire structure.



We secure, pack and send your ready products to the address provided. It is also important that the design of the entire structure provides for cyclic and various transport of the structure’s respective components. Not only does such an approach allow for efficient shipping by our company, but it also allows the customer to move the structure.

We have a a complete machine park.
We perform the entire process from design to shipment.


The machine allowing us to fulfil even a very complex order is a modern plotter by Kongsberg. The numerous functions available include: milling, creasing and cutting-out from a great number of various materials – from plastic, through wood, to cardboard. It is worth noting that the working area of the table is 3250 x 2250 mm – which allows fulfilment of large-size orders.

Another device that allows us to take care of our orders comprehensively is our laminating machine. This device is used to laminate the surface produced, thus increasing its durability and resistance to splashes.

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We create our products using the following materials:

Corrugated cardboard – with EB wave – for the production of stands (shelf stands, shape, figures, upon customer’s request), white-white.

Corrugated cardboard –  with E wave (microwave) – used to produce round – elliptical stands, white-white.

Corrugated cardboard – with B, EB or BC waves used for the production of packaging, i.e. flap boxes, boxes with lids, and die cut packages, gray-gray.

Solid board – GC 280gr – thin cardboard used in advertising, white-white.

Honeycomb boards, thickness from 10 to 25mm –  used to produce stalls, stands and unusual structures, white-white or gray -gray. It is an environment friendly material, 100% recyclable, characterized by high compressive strength, one of the lightest materials – up to 20 times lighter than wood. The board covered with white paper is an excellent material for the production of advertisements, display cases, stalls, stands, etc.


Packaging Catalogue

This catalogue has been developed by  FEFCO and ESBO as an official system aimed to replace long and complicated description of cardboard packaging designs with simple symbols which are commonly understood internationally, regardless of language differences.

We can produce any packaging included in this catalogue.

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About the Company

The passion to create is the highest priority in our work! Considering the material we use –  paperboard and cardboard – the statement that we create something out of nothing couldn’t be more true. Our work proves that thanks to technology, creativity, commitment and especially passion, it is possible to transform a simple material into an amazing design.

With years of experience in creating a wide variety of printing products we can offer solutions tailored to every customer’s needs. Thanks to our modern machine park and highly qualified staff we provide services starting with a concept and finishing with a ready project!

The Triseco brand belongs to Luxpol Group


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